Know more, sell more

It’s not just what you sell—it’s how you sell it. Take your retail planning to the next level.

Whether you have one retail location or hundreds, RMSA turns your point-of-sale data into actionable recommendations. RMSA’s data-driven planning and forecasting software platform focuses on your individual product classifications to help you manage inventory, grow revenue, and increase profits. You’ll uncover unique sales patterns, turnover potential, and optimal receipt flow for each of your stores, allowing you to create a plan that predicts sales, inventories, receipts, and deliveries.

Discover what you’re missing

There’s a wealth of knowledge hiding in your POS numbers. RMSA gives you greater visibility into your organization by combining your monthly POS data with RMSA’s proven cloud-based software, all supported by a team of experts who know your retailing sector and are ready to help you increase profits and same-store sales.

Plan a roadmap to profits

Every month, the information we collect from your stores’ POS systems is verified and processed in our retail planning and forecasting system. Our advanced, proprietary algorithms use a bottom-up approach to generate dynamic forecasts for sales, inventories, recommended markdowns, and receipts.

Turn numbers into action

Having great data doesn’t mean much if it’s not actionable. You need a merchandise action plan that helps you make timely decisions that grow your sales and profits. RMSA’s approach to planning and analytics delivers smart answers to the toughest questions every retailer faces.

It's time to sell smarter

With dynamic, bottom-up planning, every product classification in every store becomes an individual profit center. Get insights into your POS numbers that fuel smarter inventory management, power your markdown and turnover strategies and boost the adoption of best practices and key trends.

Put your POS data to work for you

RMSA gathers and verifies your POS data, generating reports and actionable insights that improve the way you run your business. RMSA aligns your resources to get each store on the best path to maximum growth and profits.

Features & Benefits

Get top-notch reporting

Our planning reports turn your imported POS data into the essential metrics you need for day-to-day retail management, such as open-to-buy, red-flag areas requiring more analysis, and mid-month planning updates. Analytical reports reveal slow moving items, turnover, markdown sensitivity, emerging trends, and much more.

Master inventory management

Our inventory management techniques guide you in determining the right level of inventory for the amount of sales forecasted for each category of your store’s merchandise mix. RMSA’s open-to-buy reports and constant inventory monitoring help you avoid overbought and out-of-stock situations.

Always buy smarter

Our Open-to-Buy reports show you the correct amount of inventory you need to meet your sales plan, so you can quickly spot merchandise imbalances between stores and initiate transfers for optimal product allocation. You'll gain the insights you need to maximize cash flow, improve retail operations, and take store profitability to new heights.

Spot trends in real time

Our eye-opening trending reports and mid-month updates analyze performance against plan. Reports and special alerts will identify exceptions that need management attention—such as overstocks, lost sales due to inventory shortages, cash flow issues, and under-performing classifications.

Tighten up cash-flow planning

By monitoring inventory turnover and cash flow, you can anticipate – and prepare for – the peaks and valleys in how much cash you will likely have available for the months ahead. RMSA helps you analyze your cash flow, along with merchandise planning, sales forecasting and inventory control. Now you can stay focused on satisfying your customers with fresh merchandise assortments in fast-selling categories.

Advance your merchandising plan

Analyze and improve your store-based roadmap for selecting the right products, ordering the right quantity, having items in stock at the right time, and displaying and selling products at the right price. We include detailed sales forecasting and open-to-buy reporting so that you can see what the planned sales are for each merchandise category, how much you should order, and when to place your orders.

Envision the long term

RMSA analyzes month-over-month POS data to create strategic forecasts around sales patterns, seasonality, turnover potential and optimum flow of receipts. With forecasts at the class level for each individual store, you'll know precisely where management attention needs to be focused. Each classification is treated as a profit center, which can also be rolled up for reporting purposes.

Test before you try

Our software's unique "what if" functionality allows you to test different planning scenarios to gauge the impact of special circumstances that could impact today's merchandising decisions.