Go from a cost center to a profit center

Olive Software arms publishers with multi-channel content intelligence and technology innovation.

As a strategic growth and revenue partner, we empower newspapers, libraries and publishers with a premiere cloud-based e-publishing platform designed for the next phase of digital transformation.

Turn digital content into revenue

Harness robust content distribution models for additional revenue and audience growth and engagement.

Find new revenue streams

Olive knows all the best practices on monetizing your content and generating new revenue streams with your existing content.

Grow your audience & improve retention

Reach farther by leveraging Olive’s proven apps, best practices, engagement tools & content distribution channels.

Reduce content management costs

Our Cloud-based, advanced multi-channel, cross-media reduces cost and pressure on your internal circulation, content, IT and field sales resources.

Features & Benefits

Achieve more, and pay less

Olive’s platform helps you make the leap from expensive, labor-intensive conversion and digital publishing services to a more automated, easily scalable low-cost publishing process.

Create dynamic digital editions

Our replica eEditions are known for their readability and fidelity to the original printed piece. Olive eEdition is more than yesterday’s newspaper, enriched with live media, integrated with your website to deliver story updates, and viewable on any platform, with a responsive design, that readers enjoy using.

Streamline your ePublishing process

Update, enrich and publish live, fully interactive content that is immediately readable on any device. We pick up where your print production ends, transforming your “print ready” content into a powerful XML database that drives mobile-friendly, responsive HTML5 results across a range of different publishing channels including Olive Apps, HTML5, EPUB and more. We can also provide custom formats needed for Amazon or Barnes & Noble stores.

Boost digital advertising revenue

Your eEdition offers a significant opportunity to engage local and national advertisers. Reap the benefits of advertising campaigns and take advantage of a new set of revenue streams for your publications by leveraging real-time bidding and private exchanges.

Keep your existing CMS and investment

By using smart interfaces, our products can be integrated with any print or web CMS, combining and packaging content from any source, to deliver greater value to consumers. Our publishing process leverages your current systems and workflow, enabling you to preserve the processes you’ve worked so hard to create.

Manage subscriptions and paywalls

Our next-generation paywall and subscription management solution allows for maximum flexibility with your content and product packaging, from a simple hard paywall to sophisticated content metering and promotions that convert anonymous users into subscribers.

Maximize searchability and flexibility

Our proprietary micro-content management technology lets you create content from legacy, new, and/or third-party sources, automatically transforming any print or digital content into unified, richly tagged XML format that’s optimized for reuse and consumption on any device. When it comes to digitizing paper, microfilm and PDF conversion, Olive XML Distiller offers a faster, more accurate and more scalable solution than any other content intelligence and tagging solution.

Automate content marketing

Go beyond just notifying readers ‘today’s issue is ready’ – engage them with Olive’s powerful e-mail tools for both notifications and marketing automation. Our powerful email products offer advanced options that are geared towards publishers’ needs.

Make content easier to read and access

Our powerful and flexible HTML5 eReader delivers a print-like reading and consistent experience across all browsers and devices. It requires no heavy PDF download, and supports a quick-streaming content access that is suitable for newspapers, magazines, and books.