Manage & monetize your data

It’s time to turn your data into functional insights that drive marketing, content, and sales.

Knowledge Marketing’s powerful data management platform unifies your siloed data assets so you can zero in on your most relevant audience and connect more efficiently. This unified data becomes the foundation for increased engagement and greater profitability.

Harness your data

Data is your most powerful weapon. Knowledge Marketing helps you analyze and monetize your siloed data, so you can harness that power to work for your business.

Boost digital performance

Our innovative, customizable digital solutions use the power of analytics to help you design more effective communications. We consolidate all of the tools a publisher needs into one comprehensive platform.

Manage your community

Our audience and customer management services allow you to grow and engage users with one consolidated platform. Get audience management support or a completely outsourced SaaS solution.

Your audience is your greatest asset.

Audiences expect highly relevant and personalized content, yet companies continue to send an onslaught of batch and blast emails. This lack of insight is causing list fatigue, lost sales, lower audience engagement, and higher operational costs. A unified audience database allows you to deliver the right content at the right time to the right target.

Harness your data & do more

Disconnected data causes inefficiency, confusion and ineffectiveness. Plan for today, tomorrow and next year as you segment your audience, focus campaign efforts and use resources more strategically.

Features & Benefits

Manage your audience

Get a full suite of technologically advanced tools and services that allow you to create solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of today’s innovative publishing and media companies.

Unify audience data

Combine demographic, behavioral and contextual data into a unified database that drives revenue and organizational value. Unify audience data through data enhancement, internal lead identification, and client lead identification and reveal new opportunities as you compare records in your database to outside lists.

Easily recognize your users

Generate cookies to collect web behavioral data and build distinct user profiles. Group users into communication segments, get insights into shopping paths, and capitalize on the significant footprint of customer interests and behaviors.

Deliver relevant, real-time messages

Segment, target, and engage your audience. Deliver targeted, high-quality content and generate increased revenues. Audience intelligence helps you maximize every email marketing campaign.

Customize forms & landing pages

Forms and landing pages are the nuts and bolts behind your digital presence. Access a range of tools with conditional branching logic intelligence to gather and maximize your real-time dataset.

Improve your marketing automation

Our powerful platform helps you get more qualified leads, increases lead nurturing & sales revenue and boosts the production of your marketing team. Visual outlines and validation testing ensure automation campaigns run smoothly, letting you edit and pause anytime.

Working with Knowledge Marketing means working with the best minds in data. It’s rare to find a partner that’s both a leader in the industry and also cares about our success and driving big results.

VP, Director of Audience Development & Research,
Watt Global Media

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