Manage your profits, grow your firm

Firm58 offers web-based software that manages the complex processes associated with fees, commissions, and payouts.

As the evolution of trading continues to fragment markets and make billing more complex, effectively managing fees, commissions and compliance is a growing challenge for capital market firms.

Our platform automates middle and back-office processes across asset classes to provide insight into daily profitability, increase operational efficiency, and protect revenue. Unlike point solutions that solve narrow business challenges or expensive legacy systems, Firm58’s automated solutions address post-trade complexity, yet are cost-efficient and easy to deploy.


Get insights & improve profitability

Firm58’s system includes powerful reporting and analytics, which provide valuable insight across the business to help firms become as profitable as possible.

Stay compliant and secure

In order to ensure the integrity of our systems and procedures, Firm58 is compliance audited with more than 14 market-access compliance tests (15C-3 requirements) run daily and more than 1.1 billion transactions contracted. Our secure post-trade platform is scalable for both large and small capital market firms.

Access from anywhere

Firm58 offers convenient access on standard web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari), and delivers regular feature enhancements through Firm58’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Smarter solutions

Firm58 offers a range of solutions for brokerages, dealers, execution venues, and trading firms. Our easy-to-deploy and cost-effective software simplifies the complexities that arise from having to monitor multiple execution venues, fees, commissions, and compliance. Our automated systems help improve post-trade infrastructure to maximize revenues while minimizing costs, helping leading capital markets firms drive improved business performance under rapidly changing market conditions.

Features & Benefits

More granular profit/expense analysis

Firm58’s software offers in-depth analytics to drive better decision-making, leading to increased profitability. This includes the ability to verify monthly execution invoices and other features, down to measuring effectiveness of a specific region, desk, or even trader, and the profitability of each client.

Better compliance & surveillance

Firm58 provides daily online coordination and review of trading regulatory activity to ensure firms are meeting growing requirements, as well as tracks and manages trades and creates an audit trail to reduce firm risk.

Transparent billing & payments

Firm58’s billing solution offers daily visibility into revenue streams and shortens the billing cycle, resulting in improved transparency, more satisfied customers and faster payments.

Simplify CSA/soft dollar programs

Firm58’s solution automates accounting processes for soft dollar programs, payment requests, and payment reporting. Transparency enhances customer satisfaction and improves loyalties.

The new online facility is a tremendous benefit to our members, providing greater flexibility, efficiency, and transparency in the billing process... The Firm58 Portal has greatly improved our invoicing distribution and efficiency.

Bob Airo,
SVP for Market Operations
NYSE Euronext