On your mark.

In sailing, a cardinal mark is a buoy that indicates deep, safe waters or signals a potential hazard. We do the same for our customers.

We are driven by your success.

When you succeed, we earn your repeat business and your recommendations to friends and colleagues.

We prize being core to your business.

Our software is central to the value that you deliver to your customers.

Our Values

Steady progress

We help you stay the course and ensure products are stable, providing consistent improvements and measured innovations that help you navigate the technology ahead.


Your core products are our key focus. We help you jettison frivolous features and unrealistic innovations to clear the way forward.


Is your core product truly aligned with your needs? At Cardinal Mark, we ensure consistency and tighten those bonds to ensure your success.

Backed by strength

Cardinal Mark is part of the ESW Capital family of companies. ESW focuses on buying, strengthening, and growing mature business software companies.