We’re all sailing with the same wind.

What propels us? We prize being core to our customers’ success. Our software is central to the business value that our customers deliver to their customers.

A differentiated approach to enterprise software.

Make your products produce more

You’re relying on products to power your enterprise, but are they aligned with your core business practices? Cardinal Mark improves quality, speed, and ease of use and brings your software to the cloud — all backed by world-class support.

Play the long game

If you’re focused on today, you’re already too late. Cardinal Mark generates immediate results and value from your software investment and creates robust, future-forward strategies to help you navigate new technologies, discover innovations and determine a steady course for long-term success.

When you succeed, we succeed

Cardinal Mark succeeds when our customers do. That’s why we serve as a collaborative and steady partner, putting our experience and best practices to work to help you navigate the technology ahead.

Reinvest where it matters most

Through product stabilization and improved support, operations and financials, we create profit and reinvest it in tactical product improvements and innovations. We help prepare you to navigate the technology waters ahead.

Moving you ahead


Improving efficiency by moving to AWS and upgrading to tier 1 app standards.

Employing best practices

Streamlining success by running consistent technical plays to improve code and utilizing world-class technical talent.

Shoring up core product

Maintain the customer base by improving quality, speed, and ease of use.

Improving support

Reducing downtime through a sustainable, scalable support network of world-class talent.

Focusing on customer success

Creating customers for life by increasing engagement with customers.