Digital Publishing

Switch from Cost Center to Profit Center with the Cardinal Mark Digital Publishing Solution

Our cloud-based Digital Publishing platform ensures that digital content is transformed and optimized for online audiences. The technology is designed to automatically transform your print-first content into rich, interactive online content that can be delivered to your audience through multiple channels. Cardinal Mark Digital Publishing enables you to grow your audience by opening new digital channels and grow revenue by creating new strategies for monetization and engagement. Our Digital Publishing Solution includes multiple products customers can select from.

Dynamic Newsstand

Transform your print publication into live and engaging premium digital content by displaying live story updates, more breaking news, video and image galleries, interactive content such as live crosswords, all while never having your readers leave your site.

Cross Media Newsstand

An integrated and easy-to-deploy product, for delivering all of a publishers internal and external content, print, digital and social content, with a single easy-to-use mobile app.

Digital Archives

Convert, preserve, and protect your historical microfilm, print, and electronic content so your audience can access and view from any platform and any location.

Active Tearsheets

Save money and serve your customers better by distributing tearsheets — proof of an ad’s insertion and appearance – digitally.

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