Audience Management

Use Data, Not your Gut, to Build your Business with the Cardinal Mark Audience Management Solution

Designed specifically for B2B publication and events management firms, we leverage our integrated Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform to drive marketing ROI by helping you manage and grow your audience to maximize engagement. The Cardinal Mark Audience Management Solution includes three products customers can select from.

Unified Audience Database

﹣Our product provides a single view of all audience/subscriber information, removing the silos and data disconnects, to give you a holistic view of your customer.

Email Marketing

Segmenting, targeting, and engaging your audience members to generate increased revenues is no longer a challenge. By effectively using our audience intelligence to deliver targeted, high-quality content our product can help you maximize every email marketing campaign.

Audience Management

This robust circulation interface allows users the ability to manage their circulation files, right at their very own fingertips.

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