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With Prime, we give our customers access to additional applications and software in the Cardinal Mark portfolio. Absolutely free.

Welcome to Cardinal Mark Prime

As a Cardinal Mark customer, you’re automatically eligible for Cardinal Mark Prime, which gives you free and ongoing access to Cardinal Mark’s most popular solution applications. As our portfolio grows, your access to new applications grows, too. Cardinal Mark Prime provides substantial savings and a competitive edge across your enterprise.

How it works

As a Cardinal Mark subscription or maintenance customer, you’re already eligible for Cardinal Mark Prime. As a result, you can enjoy free licenses for the Standard Editions of Cardinal Mark’s most popular enterprise applications. This offer is available as long as you remain a customer under contract and pay maintenance on at least one Cardinal Mark solution. It is not a short-term or trial offer.

Everything you need to succeed

Save a Fortune So You Can Invest in New Ideas

With our commitment to 100% Customer Success, the proven offerings available in Prime can help other parts of your organization achieve cost-savings. It’s our way of saying thanks for your business, which works to strengthen our relationship and improve the return on your Cardinal Mark investment.

Replace Expensive Software for Less

Replace costly products with proven Cardinal Mark Prime equivalents and enjoy substantial cost savings. Cardinal Mark Prime helps you reduce spending without sacrificing quality. Be a budget hero and help your company save.

Your Access Continues to Grow

Cardinal Mark continues to add new solutions through targeted acquisitions of leading enterprise software companies. Our growth strategy increases the value of Prime to your business over time.

Invest In New Projects

Constrained by budgets? With free Cardinal Mark software applications, you can move forward with programs you have wanted to pursue. Cardinal Mark Prime lets you expand with new ideas and initiatives by reducing software costs.

Get started today

To learn more and find out if Cardinal Mark Prime makes sense for other areas of your business, just connect with your primary Cardinal Mark contact, or reach us at