Propelling you toward success

Customer Success is the central mission here at Cardinal Mark. We know it’s critical that your software works to support your overall strategic goals by driving your business forward. That’s why all of our products and partnerships are designed to play a key role in growing your business.

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we’ve created the Cardinal Mark Customer Support Programs. Here’s how it works.



It all starts with your strategic goals. Our team works with yours to identify your challenges and create a strategic plan for success. Once all stakeholders approve of the focus and metrics that can make the greatest impact, we put the plan into action.



We take things step-by-step, breaking down each objective into actionable, measurable steps with in-line metrics such as increase net participation, reduce churn, increase innovation or reduce costs.



Bi-annual executive reviews let us evaluate progress and identify best practices and areas where growth is needed. Together, we make sure our plan is still in alignment with your strategic goals, recognize new opportunities and fine-tune our path.